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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the link between Fox & Lillie and Fox & Lillie Rural?

The Fox & Lillie Rural operation has representatives located throughout all major wool growing areas in Eastern Australia, and is 100% owned by Fox & Lillie – one of the largest wool buying and exporting enterprises in Australia and the world. As a by-product of the great link between Fox & Lillie’s direct buying and export operation, the wool grower has never been closer to their ultimate customer, the end user.

Do you have a number of delivery locations?

Yes we do. Fox & Lillie Rural have testing locations in Melton, Melbourne, Adelaide, Griffith, Hamilton, Wagga, Dubbo, Yass and Mildura. We also have private buying stores in Skipton and Macarthur in Victoria, and  Uralla & Culcairn in NSW. With this wide network of wool stores we make delivery easy.

What about payment to growers?

There are no excuses or drawn out payment approvals when you deal with Fox & Lillie Rural. We pay as per our terms for any wool clip without fail for one bale or 1000.

Are your wool brokers in Australia able to come directly to our property?

Yes they can. Our staff can visit and discuss the best options to market your wool clip.

What are the benefits of wool marketing for Australian growers?

Fox & Lillie Rural will provide you with comprehensive marketing information that will make a positive difference to your wool clip. We offer direct mill wool contracts, fixed price wool brokerage, forward wool contracts and Wooltrade internet selling for Australian growers.